YBN is traveling in Thailand to meet Serendipia Limitless Solutionners


What is Serendipia Limitless?

Serendipia Limitless combines the concept of a hackathon and an accelerator into collaborative experiences around the world to directly co-create with local communities. Bringing resources, skills and talents to accelerate working local social businesses that will help achieve the Global Goals for Sustainable Development by 2030.

Our Innovation Camp brings together a group of 40 international solutionners (entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, social innovators, students, etc.) to co-create and accelerate social impact projects in partnership with local startups. Solutionners spend 8-10 days together building prototypes in a retreat setting featuring training, mentorship, and workshops from globally recognized entrepreneurs.

Serendipia partners with early-stage social entrepreneurs trying to do good in their local markets that might need help with exposure, capital, and cutting edge expertise. Each group benefits from workshops around entrepreneurship, design thinking, and mindfulness, as well as the shared experiences and cultural exchanges from collaborating together on projects with social impact.15384464_730788073739267_6366461252401553429_o



Serendipia Limitless in Numbers

accelerated Local Thai Social Entreprises using our innovation curriculum inspired by the world’s leaders in the industry

40 Solutionners (entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, social innovators, students, etc. we value most the diversity of our group) selected out of a hundred applicants

Unforgettable Days: 27 Dec 2016 – 4 Jan 2017

staying at the Chatrium Hotel Riverside twin rooms in Bangkok, visiting local communities, brainstorming at the HUBBA co-working, staying at the Simple Life Resort in Koh Tao and celebrating New Year on a tropical island’s beach!

Why the Serendipia Limitless Experience now?

In our world, everything is linear. Dark, light, good, bad – from 1,2,3,4,5 numerical ordering, to the binding calendar of the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, the bifurcation in our thinking has limits.

We cannot create a new world using the same methods and mindsets that created the current mess we’re in. We need new methods – new thinking!

When we allow ourselves to build Solutions in free form, new connections rise in the heart and mind, developing a more complex intuitive intelligence. We create new connections in our brain when we travel, meditate, play, and have new experiences, bouncing our energies off one another. This is how you tap into creativity…

You step outside of your current perception of the world, seeing with new eyes.

We’re bringing 40 people together for one week, exploring deep collaboration and play outside of our everyday lives, hosting a destination innovation camp. The experience will combine deeper intelligence, travel, new experiences, and exotic food, all the while working to solve a pressing social issue.

Our team is coming together as an emotional and intellectual collective to form one entity, driven by all Solutionners, not only working on the local issues at hand, but also experimenting with leadership and organizational structures which move the power from the few to the many, questioning the merits of hierarchy, working to build a more distributed, equitable world for all.

Our representative in Serendipia Limitless : Nikolaos Kostopoulos