Resolutions to transform a library in a small city to a lively youth center


How to attract people/youngsters to the new Loutraki library?

Youngsters form 7 different countries (Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, F.Y.R.O.M and Greece) visited the Loutraki Library at the project “Non-formal education 2020: challenges and opportunities” supported by Erasmus+. As the librarian reflected they have some ongoing problems – moving from the old building, also the opening hours are very short because there are just two librarians who work part time (librarian and volunteer) and they would like to have more people visiting the library.


At workshop we made a discussion what to do, how to attract more people and especially youngsters to the library:

  1. To organize book clubs;
  2. Classes – dance, art, music, drama, creative writing, media and other classes, that could be also led by volunteers;
  3. Salsa night;15608482_1399873516719714_399198256_o
  4. Volunteers could also teach math or history for the kids in need;
  5. To use social media (Facebook page, twitter, blog, etc.) to represent the library and attract more people;
  6. To make quests as they are getting more and more popular for youngsters;
  7. Orientation tour (for example from one library to another);
  8. Degustation or presentations from local entrepreneurs;
  9. Board game night/evening;15608611_1399873526719713_890882454_o
  10. Gamification elements – badges for reading a book, coming to library. A volunteer could make the app to make the badges virtual;
  11. Movie nights with discussions after, also they could be documentaries or psychology movies;
  12. Read aloud events for blind or people with reading problems;
  13. Volunteers to make library opening hours longer, for example to make the reading room open all day long;
  14. Events outside of the library – in garden, park;
  15. To make little mobile library and go to the beach at summer time (books in different languages);
  16. Culture evenings – every month different country represented;
  17. Use aggressive marketing – posters about events in shops, cafes, etc.;
  18. Chess tournament, card game tournaments;15608611_1399873526719713_890882454_o
  19. Picture contest about specific topics, then everyone can send photos and start the public voting to select the best; can make exhibition from those photos;
  20. Library in most of the countries are like social center where to meet and discuss problems that they have;
  21. Coffee with politicians – once per month to choose different topic to talk about and to invite politician with whom people can talk and discuss their problems;
  22. Information evaluation lessons – to teach how to evaluate information, how to recognize which articles are true, which are suitable for studies, etc.