Grantcoin Foundation Partners with Youth Business Network in Greece


The Grantcoin Foundation is pleased to announce our partnership with Youth Business Network, a Greek NGO, to encourage adoption of Grantcoin among young entrepreneurs and small businesses in Greece and the European Union.

Youth Business Network is led by a team of young professionals in Greece with a mission to empower young people to set up their own businesses. The organization is funded by the EU’s Erasmus+ program, the Atlas Network, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, and other international sponsors.

YBN will assist the Grantcoin Foundation with outreach to Greek and European entrepreneurs and business owners, to help them learn the benefits and mechanics of using cryptocurrency, specifically Grantcoin, as a payment method both for customers and business-to-business transactions. YBN will also help with translation of documents and articles about Grantcoin into the Greek language.

The Grantcoin Foundation will provide grants of Grantcoin to YBN based on demonstrated results. If things go well, YBN could eventually assist in organizing a national Grantcoin affiliate to distribute Grantcoin to sustainable businesses in Greece.

“In the wake of the Greek financial crisis, the Greek people need a more ethical and sustainable alternative than debt-based currency issued by for-profit banks,” said Eric Stetson, Executive Director of the Grantcoin Foundation. “Grantcoin, which is distributed by a nonprofit organization with a mission for social good, can fill this need and help the people and businesses of Greece build a stronger financial system for their future.”

“We look forward to working with the Grantcoin Foundation to raise awareness and increase adoption of Grantcoin in Greece and the European Union,” said Nikolaos Kostopoulos, Managing Director of Youth Business Network. “Especially among young entrepreneurs, we believe there will be growing interest in cryptocurrency technology and that many will see the benefits of Grantcoin.”